Grace Hedemann Photography

What kind of photography do you do?
I photograph action sports, portraits, musicians, events and travel. Based in Detroit, I have taken photographs primarily for clients but have provided images for publications, books, websites and newspapers as well. I work on assignment, and also license the use of existing stock photographs. In recent years my work has sifted from photojournalism to sports and portraits. I like it all. It's the project and the people involved that make me excited.

How much do you charge?
For portrait work (action or studio), I have price sheets available. The skating photographs taken during an Ice Show are structured differently than family, senior or children studio/location work. Just request my price sheet for the type of work you would like me to do.

For assignment work, I charge a creative fee that is based on a combination of factors, including the circulation of the magazine, the time the job will take, the usage the client intends. Expenses are additional.

For stock photographs, circulation of the magazine, the size of a print run, or the length of time a photo remains on a web page is one factor. Size and placement of the photo are also considered. And multiple usage, affects the cost. This can be an issue if, for example, a magazine has foreign editions or if usage in both print and on the web are planned.

Please call (248/544-8259) or email (millermann[at]comcast[dot]net) for a price quotation on your project.

What about copyright?
Under U.S. copyright law, the photographer retains copyright and ownership of all images unless there is a written agreement to the contrary. It is rarely in the interest of a publisher to acquire the copyright, since the right to use a photograph in limited ways is much less expensive. I need a photograph right away.

Can you send a digital image?
Yes, I can send you a low-resolution digital image for your inspection or a higher resolution for publication.

How do I contact you?
Phone: 248/544-8259; e-mail

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